{Visual Research} ABOUT DAVID BOWIE

Three years ago I went to the exhibition 'David Bowie Is' at The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. The retrospective created a comprehensive audio-visual exhibition experience using multimedia technology at the most advanced technical level, what a experience! The exhibition also focuses on his collaborative work with artists and designers, and demonstrates how his work has both influenced and been influenced by wider movements in art, design, music, and theater.  Here some of the references that I found most interesting and visually appealing, enjoy!

Little Richard

The Times- the color of space (6 January 1969)


Andy wharhol -Chelseagirls 

Escriptori Antropomorfic - Dalí 

Camara Semyon Kirlian- 1930 - Fotografía Kirlian

Kabuki - teatre japonès
Kansai Yamamoto (fashion designer)

Cards- The thoughts behind the thoughts 

Photo: Terry O'Neill

Pork - Andy Warhol 

{VISUAL DIARY} An 'abstraction' of my thoughts

It's been a while since I didn't write on this blog. This is not a beginning, neither a farewell. This is just some minutes of my life collecting what I love: PICTURES... and trying to relate them into my moment in life. Asking myself why these images are interesting for me right now, I see them, and I enjoy them.  I hope you enjoy them in some way. As always, everything written here is an 'abstraction' of my thoughts... don't get too serious.


Ya hace algún tiempo que no escribo en este blog. Esto no es un comienzo ni una despedida. Este post son unos minutos de mi vida coleccionando algo que me apasiona: IMÁGENES, he intentando relacionarlas con este momento de mi vida, esta semana, este mes... Preguntándome a mí misma porqué éstas imágenes son interesantes en este preciso instante, las miro, y las disfruto. Espero que tú también las disfrutes de algún modo. Como siempre, todo lo escrito a continuación es una 'abstracción' de mi pensamiento... no os lo toméis muy en serio. (nota: El post me ha salido en inglés... la cosa va así. Sin filtros y sin repasarlo mucho.)

September is back, and... work too.

Fight Club (David Fincher, 1999)

You, that has spend all summer...

(by Agnes Vita)

 Or doing...

Go back to work?

Instead, you look and discover new concept stores online...


A bookend could be more fun? When decoration and art get mixed there's always a good result. 


The last days to wear color... or not?

I'll wear my red trousers! (or anything red that I have in my wardrobe) 

If I could have one of this in my living room... but they cost more than $10.000...


How I feel about the situation in Catalunya...

But me and my friends are all the time talking about it...WTF is going on?

I think we feel like the women characters of 'Peaky Blinders'...

We are even thinking on a new 'revolutionary' haircut, but still chic & cool, of course.

And buying animal patterned shirts that make us brave and with no regrets of knowing that you will only wear that shirt ONCE. Oh, and please buy the biggest earring you see in the shop... 

That's super-cool now, even if you wonder if these earrings are heavier than the platforms shoes that where 'in vogue' two years ago.

I compensate my anger playing with the decoration of my home, wasting hours on Pinterest and seeing what's the best option...  


...when I realise it was better when I just move in, with NOTHING.

Like if my 50m square flat could be ever a minimal art piece...

(Awesome by André Britz)


But in reality this is closer of WHAT I HAVE:


Truly yours,