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STYLE | À la rentrée

With the 'back to school' post-vacation depression, we forget how wonderful is this time to wear those 'intermediate' clothes that we do not fit in the closet. The thin jacket you've worn three times, the wool pants but with short ankle ... Keep up with your summer-island-zen role of the holidays and do not renounce yet to the black uniform. Summer vibes, giving the entrance to the cold and the autumn breeze. Here are three proposals 'timeless' and that I'm sure you already have in your wardrobe, ways to combine three classics or make a new purchase that you are not going to throw or give away in three months.
Con la depresión post-vacacional de la 'vuelta al cole', se nos olvida lo maravillosa de la época de entretiempo para llevar esa ropa 'intermedia' que no nos cabe en el armario. La chaquetilla fina que te has puesto tres veces, los pantalones de lana pero cortos por el tobillo... Sigue con tu verano isleño y el rollo zen de las va…

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