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Hi! Here Angie.

The absurd 'angiuska' name comes from a 10 year old Angie (me in the past), an early internet-adopter (I was the first in class to have internet and personal computer). The name is actually my baby-nickname, my dad use to say it, I kind of like it. This blog was a way to organise myself and to get a sense that I was sharing my discoveries, like a wonder box where I could save everything I like, of course when Pinterest arrived, I've completely stop. From 2009 since 2013 this is more or less a visual diary, a journal, nothing else.

 I've study Fine Arts in Barcelona and Filmmaking in UK, during these years a lot of good things happened.  Now I am Creative Researcher for Advertisements and Music Videos at CANADA. Film, Photography, Travel and Art are the things I get excited about, and right now I'm working hard and living the life. :P

Barcelona - UK